#1 Secret for Powerful Digestion

Did you know that your health begins in your digestive system? 

Yes, it does and he truth is that many of our health issues can be related to poor gut function.

Our digestive system works very hard 24/7 to break our food down, turn it into energy and put it into various building blocks for our health. We want our digestive system work at its peak at all times if we want to be able to have good energy, stable moods, a healthy body, mind and spirit and be free of degenerative diseases.
Today I would like to share with you one simple but very powerful digestion booster, that you can put into practice right away.

The most effective digestion and metabolic power ignitor is - invoking the Relaxation Response.

Many of us think that the key to having better nutrition is to eat better food. And I totally agree. But this is only half of the equation.  

Have you been aware of the fact that when you are under stress, your digestive activity will get suppressed and this will literally cause nutrient excretion? 

Not only will you lose nutrients but your calorie burning and digestive metabolism will drop significantly since you are producing stress hormones that pump you up.

When you are stressed, you are producing more cortisol, the stress hormone that signals the body to store fat and not build muscle.

When you are eating under stressful conditions, you are also decreasing your digestive enzymes in the stomach and are on the path to develop heart burn, internal inflammation and digestive distress.

The relaxation response not only activates digestion but gives us our fullest metabolism of a meal. 

In other words, the same part of the brain that turns on stress turns off digestion. 

And conversely, the same part of the brain that turns on the relaxation response turns on full, healthy digestive and assimilative power. This is perhaps the most profoundly important (yet completely overlooked) nutritional law. 

So you can eat the healthiest meal on earth, but if it is eaten in an anxious state, under stress, too fast or with too much guilt (!), its nutritional value is diminished.

So my advice for today and beyond is to take a few deep breaths before you start eating any meal, and put yourself in the ideal state to metabolize that fantastic Thanksgiving meal.

Take time.
Feel nourished.
Give thanks.

You deserve it!


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