THIS is What Keeping You FAT

Dollarphotoclub_81288130A couple of weeks ago the following post caught my eye in one of the FaceBook groups I belong to:

"Jenny Craig, Nutri System, Nutrimost, Opti-Fast ... ? Any suggestions on what works well and can sustain weight loss?"

Some people suggested Weight Watchers. Others swore by the South Beach Diet. And of course there were a few people who promoted different weight loss shakes and/or programs through various network marketing companies.

Well, let's take a moment here.

If there would be a magic pill, a supplement, an herb, a special product or a miracle system that could solve all of our weight loss struggles once and for all - this question would not be asked over and over and over.

Have you ever looked at the statistics? They are pretty staggering.

Approximately 99% of all people who lose weight on a weight loss diet gain it back.

99%!!!! Holy macaroni!

Well, the reality is this: there are NO quick fixes.

And there is NO such thing as the perfect diet.

What really works is:
  • Eating REAL food
  • Eating slowly
  • Trusting your body
  • Being mindful
  • Enjoying every morsel
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Letting go of ineffective strategies and stopping to try so hard (!!!)
  • Not putting your life on hold but participating in it - agreeing to be here on this earthly plane

And the BIGGEST one:



What do you mean Csilla??

Instead of asking:

"What do I do to lose weight?"
"How do I boost my metabolism?"
"What the heck am I doing wrong?"
"How do I control my appetite?"
"How can I stay on track once and for all?" ... etc.

A better question would be:

"What is my relationship with food trying to tell me about how I live my life?"

Take a few moments and ponder that.

Grab your journal and write about this.
Take your time.
Do not rush.

You will be pleased.

Then when you are ready, ask these questions of yourself:
  • What if I let go of the diet mentality?
  • What if I stopped chasing the dream that one day I will find the system or product that will be my magic pill?
  • What if I stopped wasting my hard earned money on diet programs that might work for a while but in the long term will never give me the desired results?
  • What if I started to think about food in a bigger context of my life?
  • These are all very, very powerful questions.
  • What if instead of seeing food as something we need to conquer and beat into submission, we would see it as a source of pleasure? A source of life? Energy and sustenance?
  • What if instead of treating food as the enemy, we would treat it as our lover?
  • What if instead of ignoring the messages our bodies have been giving us, we would pay attention and give it the love it has been asking for for all this time?? What would happen then??

You will see that the answers are NOT in strict diet programs, in replacing your meals with expensive shakes or participating in prepared low calorie food programs.

Weight management is not about "calories in and calories out".

As celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin says "We are not bank accounts. We are chemistry labs."

Everything is connected. Nothing stands alone.

Yes, calories count, but where they come from counts more. If our bodies are chemistry labs then food, movement, thoughts and emotions - all of those will make a difference in how you burn or store fat. In how you age and how much energy you have or how you crash and burn.

We need to get away from the idea that we "need to lower fat and calories" and really start to get into what is working for OUR unique bodies.

In order to lose the fat and keep it off we need to find out what is causing our weight loss resistance, what has damaged our metabolism, and fix it.

We also all go through challenges in our lives and many of these life dramas play out in
how we do food.

What if the answer to this person's question lies in asking the right questions and shifting her perception about food??

Nutrition is ongoing journey. Our needs are always changing and ever evolving.

What worked for you few years ago might not work for you now.

And what works for you now, might not work for you next year.

What if you let go of your need for perfection and finding the perfect way to eat?

What would happen??

We are under so much pressure in our 21st century lives .. from the onslaught of environmental toxins to a very-very poor food chain.

Not to mention how our lives are always in the flux.

Nutrition as a science is also a bit messy .. if I may say so.

What if, I told you that being overweight is a SYMPTOM?

And symptom means something that points to something else.

And there are really endless possibilities ..

Food is NOT the enemy.

Food is not something we need to overcome because it makes us lose control.

What if you shifted your perception and looked at this issue from a different perspective?

What if your challenges with food are here to present you with an amazing opportunity to make some discoveries about yourself that can forever change who you are?

What if you looked at food as a doorway?

As your greatest teacher?

Food issues are not merely just about food. (This is where most people make a mistake.)

Extra weight can mean so many things!!!

It can mean that we are eating too much sugar.
It can point to food sensitivities.
It can point to stress or to eating poor quality food.
It can point to thyroid issues.
To adrenal fatigue.
To insulin resistance.
To consuming too many soft drinks.
To possible issues in your digestive system.
To not getting enough sleep.
It can point to the use of certain prescription drugs like antidepressants.
It can point to relationship challenges.
To issues with finances.
To difficulties at work.
It can point to living in a world that makes it very, very difficult to take care of our health and well- being.

Being overweight is letting us know that there is something else that needs to be addressed.

And this issue is so much bigger than we realize.

We all live in a society that constantly bombards us with advertisements that prompt us to consume non-stop. Since were young kids, we have been programmed to consume foods that guarantee weight gain. Not to mention that our food is manufactured in ways that we get addicted to them.

As you see, this is so much bigger than "Should I try Jenny Craig, Nutri System, Nutrimost or Opti-Fast?"

What we need is more people waking up and realizing that what is needed is a COURSE CORRECTION.

A new way of how we live.

A lot more love and concern about how we live; managing our response to the unavoidable stresses of the 21st century and looking for the answers - not in diets, pills and powders - but WITHIN.

Where is your weight leading you?

If you are ready to become more aware of how your food choices, your life style, your thoughts and emotions affect your weight and health - I have a great program for you. My Winter Cleanse program is a great way to discover what foods and lifestyle choices make your body hum.  Join us here.

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