5 Tips to Stay Healthy When Your Schedule is Crazy

When my schedule gets jam packed with activities and obligations, I must place 2 important things on my priority list if I want to stay healthy: taking breaks for a quick walk, yoga at home, cat naps or simply practicing some alternate nostril breathing whenever I can + refueling my body with foods that are nutrient dense. I find that planning ahead and filling up on nutrient rich foods gives my body a helping hand when sleep deprivation and full days are happening.
Here are some of the foods I do consume to keep my body and mind in good shape: 

green smoothie111) Green smoothies that are chock full of mineral rich green vegetables, low glycemic fruit, avocado, anti-inflammatory ginger, vitamin C rich and alkalizing lemon juice. Great for an easy grab-and-go meal or afternoon pick me up. I like to wash all the ingredients and pack them into Ziploc bags right after I do my food shopping for the week so they are always ready to go into my blender and all you have to add is water. 

2) Green leafy vegetables rich in magnesium, zinc and chlorophyll will support you while recharging your body. Kale, spinach, Bok choy, dandelion leaves, Brussels  sprouts, cabbage, arugula, broccoli rabe are all fabulous immunity boosters. 

3) Protein is a must especially for brain function and if we are sleep deprived. Pastured eggs are an easy option and they can easily be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack. They are versatile and good for you (as long as you do not have sensitivity to them.)
5. Fermented foods are the bomb! They can be powerful protectors against sickness. Kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and lacto-fermented pickles are great to have on hand. Try to make the extra effort to add a rainbow of fermented foods to your daily meals. (Stay tuned for a fermentation class coming up soon!)

6. Herbal Tea. It is so easy to grab a cup of coffee or black tea sweetened with too much sugar and health damaging artificially flavored creamers. Often it's more about the ritual than the contents of the cup. By swapping caffeinated drinks for herbal tea the ritual remains and you're not adding a stress load to your already crazed out body.  I'm not saying you need to give up your morning coffee habit, but too often we can get caught by convenience and end up by having 3-6 caffeinated drinks in a day. Try peppermint or ginger tea as an afternoon treat and pick me up. Chamomile or Red Rooibos tea in the evening to help you settle down or crush that sweet craving. Stinging nettles infusions are fabulous for gentle energy, beautiful hair, nails, skin and bone health. Click here for the recipe that will show you how to make this amazing, nourishing drink that every woman should know about. 


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