Do You Pay Attention to This Body System???

I do not know about you but there have been a few times in my life when I felt some tenderness and/or swelling in my armpits, joints, neck and lately in my breasts. 
Do you ever have any of these symptoms? 
  • fatigue (feeling like a slug all the time)
  • cellulite
  • weight gain, extra belly fat
  • swollen, tender breasts with each cycle
  • allergies
  • edema
  • puffy eyes
  • tender joints
  • hormonal imbalances
  • autoimmune condition
  • soreness in the morning
  • fatty deposits
  • bloating
  • dry skin, itchy skin, mild rash
  • brain fog
  • sinus infections/congestions
  • poor circulation
  • rings getting tight on the fingers
  • occasional constipation/diarrhea 
  • respiratory issues
  • mild headaches
If yes, these are all signs that the body is out of whack. Almost every one of these health concerns can be linked to poor waste removal in the lymphatic system. 

The sad fact is that in our Western Medicine model, our lymphatic system does not get much attention. I dare to say gets no attention whatsoever. 

Did your doctor ever ask you " Csilla, what have you been doing to support your lymphatic system"?

I never get this question or any suggestions on how to keep my lymph flowing.

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is the first system they treat.

The lymphatic system is perhaps the most forgotten, under-studied system in the body.

Did you know that without a lymph system, your life would end in 14 hours??

Most of us are aware that our heart pumps our blood ..  but what is pumping the lymph in our system??

There are three times more lymph fluid in the body than blood, yet, the body has no organ like the heart to pump the lymph.

That means lymph has to rely on something else to move it. 

What is the Lymphatic System?

You have lymph vessels all over your body. Take a look at this chart and see what I mean.

The lymphatic system is a network of fluid filled nodes, vessels, glands and ducts. It includes your spleen, thymus and tonsils. It bathes your cells and carries "sewage" away from your tissues and neutralize it. Little grape-like nodules all over our bodies trap bacteria and other gunk which then are destroyed by our white blood cells. 

Some fun facts:
Your liver is loaded with lymph vessels, which get activated when you rebound. More on this later.

Your neck and head contains over 300 lymph nodes!!

There is more lymph in your body than blood. 

Most people with chronic illness have a problem with their lymphatic system. 

Your lymphatic system is a beautiful waste disposal system.  

As long as it works!

If you struggle with cellulite .. 
If you struggle with weight loss ..
If you feel lousy, most of the time ...

It is often because your lymphatic system has become way too sluggish. 

If your lymphatic system is inefficient, you can easily end up with fatty deposits or cellulite or simply experience lots of aches and pains. And medicating the pain is NOT the answer. 

Once you start to take  steps to improve the cleansing ability of the lymph system, it will be able to "sweep" away the toxins that are linked to above symptoms. 

If the pathways are neglected and filters are not cleansed, "garbage" will pile up and it becomes difficult to get rid of. Again, remember this! Lymph fluid cannot travel on its own. 

When the systems of elimination are not working well, estrogen increases, which then will lead to 
hormonal conditions. 

Keep Your Body's Drain Clean
So how do you do it??


You might be saying, O.K. Csilla how does that look like?

Well, it is a two part method.

Here is the FOOD PART in a nut shell:

1) Avoid processed foods.
Processed foods made with simple sugars and carbohydrates + foods containing artificial flavors and colorings. The less waste your lymphatic system has to filter, the more easily it will flow and clean your body.

2) Limit your dairy and flour consumption.
They are both highly mucus forming and can easily congest your lymphatic system. Yes, I am sorry. These foods are best avoided. 

3) Choose organic fruits, vegetables and meats.
Organic produce will help to limit the amount of toxins that will need to be filtered via your lymphatic system. They will also provide powerful enzymes and acids to cleanse your lymphatic system.

4) Hydrate your body.
Your body needs lots of clean, pure water to stay hydrated and allow your lymph fluid to drain and flush out any toxins. Simple, yet, crucial. Sip hot water all day (fab lymph moving hydration technique!!!) and try to drink 1/2 your ideal body weight in ounces per day for two weeks. Start now!!
5) Ditch your deodorant and avoid commercial body products that are loaded with toxic ingredients. Aluminum-based antiperspirants can block sweating and actually add to your toxic load not to mention messing up your endocrine system. Look for natural ones. Most commercially available lotions, toothpastes and sunscreens are also full of chemicals that can end up in your lymphatic system. 

6) Figure out what food sensitivities you have. 
Your body's ability to detox starts in your gut, and any foods that your body is sensitive to, can lead to a clogged lymphatic system. Determining if you are sensitive to certain foods, like dairy, gluten, eggs, corn etc. can help you to eliminate these foods from your diet and prevent blockage in your lymphatic system. Most people keep eating foods that they are sensitive to not realizing how much damage it is doing to their body. 

My seasonal cleanses were designed for this purpose!! 

Pics taken this morning on our rebounder !!! We were laughing our 
pants off! You should see the other photos.

1) Rebounding. This is my #1 suggestion. A few years back I bought a REBOUNDER. One of the best investments I had made. Its health benefits are amazing!! Amazing!!! 5 mins a day will do it. It helps pump and decongest the lymphatic fluid in the entire body. You do not have to jump off to get the benefits, you can do so called "soft walking", only lifting one foot at a time saying "wash the cells. purify the cells." 

2) Getting lymphatic drainage massages.
They are especially supportive of this often under-looked system.

3) Dry skin brushing / self massage.
If you want glowing, smooth skin and a well flowing lymphatic system, you must incorporate this into your life. One of the best ways to get the lymph going is by dry skin brushing. It literally opens up clogged pores and improves blood flow. Elimination of toxins by this method greatly enhances lymphatic flow. Always brush toward your heart. Best time to do dry skin brushing is in the morning before you take a shower.

4) Sauna or a steam bath sweating.
I used to do this often when I lived in Hungary. I believe starting it at a young age has helped me with keeping my skin in good shape. They are a wonderful way to facilitate detoxification and take some pressure off your lymphatic system. 
5) Practice twisting yoga postures.
These poses literally wring out toxins from your body. Easy peasy!

6) Deep breathing exercises. 
Like exercise, deep breathing promotes the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system while providing it with fresh oxygen. Breathing is always available to you and you can do it anytime, anywhere.

7) Chiropractic adjustments. 
If you get the right adjustment, fluid will start to flow.

8) Acupuncture. 
The lymph organs have their own meridians which can be stimulated. 

9) Castor oil packs. 
Read my blog post on how they work. Healthy liver = more lymph flow.

10) Herbs and essential oils. 
Orange, ginger, peppermint, lemon, grapefruit, cypress applied to the lymph glands under your neck or arms.

Putting it all together CAN be really simple: Cleanse and Detox your body with a safe and effective proven system, and let me help you to banish cellulite and wrinkles (and guys, this is for you, too!!!)

I have done all the work for you.  Check out my upcoming seasonal cleanse HERE.


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