Nourish: A 7 Day Winter Reset
* Have you been feeling heavy, bloated, tired and cranky?
* Find yourself eating sugar non-stop?
* Suffering from the winter doldrums and looking for a new way to nourish and recharge your body?

Here's your chance to feel balanced & renewed in just 7 days!

January 21st through January 27th 

Winter Cleanse FB

Nourish: A 7-Day Winter Reset

One Week of Easy & Nourishing Foods for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, you’ll not want to miss this opportunity to NOURISH and recharge your body, mind and spirit.

This will be the perfect opportunity to increase your energy, calm down the inflammation, boost your immunity and improve your digestion.

The comfort of your home.
This program is all by phone and email so you can join from anywhere in the world!


Repeat Cleansers: $88


Would you like to get some personalized attention?
Take advantage of this very special pricing only available now to receive personalized recommendations during
and after the cleanse. 


7 Day Winter Cleanse + Private Guidance
(includes Reset program + two 60 min. one-on-one sessions with Csilla
so you can receive personalized recommendations prior and after the reset)



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This is not a juice cleanse or fast! It is a very gentle, food based cleanse. It provides an annual tune up for your body, mind and spirit. You’ll enjoy winter soups, stews, warming teas, elixirs and seasonal vegetables while cleansing and nourishing your body, soul and mind.

Benefits of a Winter Reset: 
  • Improving your digestion
  • Regulating your blood sugar
  • Decreasing internal inflammation
  • Boosting immure function
  • Creating gorgeous, glowing skin
  • Clear thinking
  • Releasing excess weight
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Discovering hidden food sensitivities
  • Reducing headaches, PMS
  • Preventing seasonal allergies
  • Clearing up congestion, allergies, aches and pains
  • Reducing constipation to prevent diseases of the breast, lungs, and colon
  • Feel amazingly refreshed and light in your body within days!

Why a Winter Cleanse?

A cleanse is a time for you to slow down. A time to give your digestion a rest. To activate your systems of detoxification. To let go of foods that cause inflammation. To flood the body with foods that are healing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory. You will be quieting your dietary input, lighten the load on your internal organs and release built up accumulation of toxins. Eating this way, even if it is for just one week, will ultimately result in clarity, clear thinking, improved digestion, clear skin, decreased cravings and a sense of renewed energy.

Winter is a sacred and very special time to detox.

It is the season to rebuild, restore and support stressed out areas of our bodies and minds with foods that are seasonally based. It is a time when we focus on eating foods that recharge the kidneys and adrenals - the two central organs of winter. By supporting these organs you’ll tap into your innate ability to reinvigorate, re-inspire and renew yourself and your immunity through the winter months and well into spring. Winter builds up mucus in the body which can lead to allergies, getting sick, feeling sluggish if not addressed by proper, seasonal eating. This guided virtual, group cleanse program is a very gentle, food based cleanse.

Nourish Yourself Now with the Nourish: 7-Day Winter Reset!

Winter Cleanse Book Cover

Here is what you'll get:

  • A Kick Off Call to help you get started and get your questions answered (Cannot make it? No worries, call will be recorded)
  • Daily menu suggestions with step-by-step instructions for the entire week- so you don’t have to think about what to eat
  • A Recipe Booklet of delicious and seasonal recipes
  • Daily emails to keep you inspired
  • Guidelines for creating a cleanse-friendly environment before you begin
  • Fun activities to help you prepare mentally and spiritually for rejuvenation
  • An on-line support forum for questions and daily support and to connect with a community of like minded people (via FaceBook)
  • 24/7 support from Csilla during cleanse week and the week after when we transition out

This program is for you if:

  • You want to hit the re-set button on your body
  • You want to free yourself from sugar, caffeine and food cravings
  • You want to eat in a way that nourishes and energizes your body according to the current season
  • Ease some health issues you have been struggling with in a natural way
  • You want to sail through the cold season feeling grounded and joyous
  • You want to jump start your healthy eating habits and feel really good in your body

Don’t miss this great opportunity to effectively cleanse, strengthen, and nourish your kidneys and adrenals.

Dollarphotoclub_94415111_copyThis Reset is NOT about deprivation. You’ll get to enjoy plenty of whole, unprocessed, delicious foods while feeling satisfied and fulfilled. Unlike many other cleanses, you will NOT be deprived of food for days! And you won’t have to take a ton of pills or drink powdery, chalky shakes.

A good winter cleanse is like tuning up your car. By taking the time to care for your body now, you can enjoy the seasonal changes knowing that your system has been revitalized and prepared for the times ahead.

What makes this cleanse so different than others out there?

This winter cleanse gives focused attention to mind-body medicine and the impact that your thoughts and energetic patterns have on your physical symptoms. In addition to the food plan, daily lifestyle exercises are included to create transformation in these other areas.

It provides you with a supportive group environment and 24-hour access to our online community. Because cleansing should not be a solo experience.

Do you suffer from any of the following? If so, then this cleanse is for you.

  • Any disease or malfunction of the body
  • Constipation (less than one bowel movement per day)
  • Bad breath. Bad body odor.
  • Hormonal issues, PMS, menopausal symptoms
  • Feeling bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable
  • Constant cravings
  • Poor complexion, skin issues, eczema, skin rashes
  • Lack of energy. Adrenal fatigue.
  • Obesity or unusual thinness
  • A history of taking antibiotics
  • Poor sleep
  • Mood swings, headaches, sinus infections, low immunity
  • High cholesterol, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes
  • Aches and pains, arthritis, headaches
  • Seasonal allergies


What foods will you be consuming? Dollarphotoclub_46921423 (1)_copy

During the Winter Cleanse you will consume seasonal vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, fish, organic chicken. Some of these foods include: Apples, Beets, Cabbage, Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower, Millet, Kale, Mushrooms, Onions, Brown Rice, Winter Squash, Parsnips, Brussels Sprouts, Pears, Radishes, Collards, Quinoa, Chickpeas, and more.

The Winter Cleanse DOES NOT include the following foods which can promote an inflammatory response or imbalances in the body:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Corn
  • Soy (with the exception of some fermented miso)
  • Nightshades – potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant
  • Peanuts
  • Caffeine
  • Refined Sugar
  • Alcohol

What past participants are saying:

"I allowed my body to speak to me, rather than me always speaking to my body. My greatest achievement in doing this cleanse was that I successfully completed my first cleanse! Aside from realizing the intentions I set out for myself, I experienced many other 'surprise' benefits…the overall feeling of calmness I felt the majority of the time, being mindfully aware of the food I was eating and eating in a relaxed state. During the cleanse I allowed my body to speak to me, rather than me always speaking to my body." 

~ E.R., Basking Ridge, NJ


"The discipline of the program helped me get back on track with healthy eating, and it jump-started my weight loss again. I just wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful Cleanse. I thought it was easy, and so delicious! The recipes were great- so yummy, and many of them will remain favorites even now that the cleanse has ended. The discipline of the cleanse helped me get back on track with healthy eating, and it jump-started my weight loss again. An added benefit I didn't expect is that my joints don't hurt. Clearly I'm sensitive to something, and I can play detective as I put things back into my diet and figure out just what I should avoid. I have more energy and better focus,as well as a renewed awareness of how the things I put in my mouth impact my every day life. Thanks!"

~ Vickie Mast, New Brunswick, NJ


"Results from the cleanse included jump-starting my weight loss (I lost more than 5 lbs!), having more energy, feeling in control of my cravings, eating healthier, and just needing a change in general. I finished my cleanse on Tuesday and was really happy with the results. Looking back at my personal intentions that I wrote down before I started, I feel that I managed to meet all of them, including jump-starting my weight loss (I lost more than 5 lbs!), having more energy, feeling in control of my cravings, eating healthier, and just needing a change in general. It was a great experience! Thanks, Csilla! (extra bonus: my husband was very supportive!)"

~ Cindy Beam, Dunellen, NJ


"I lost 8 to 10 lbs, feel lighter, and look better. I have received many complements on my appearance since I finished. My sugar and chocolate cravings have all but disappeared. I have learned to enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables in my daily lunch salad. Thanks!"

~ Jane Kobuta, Somerville, NJ

Do you have questions about the program? Check out the FAQ.

Is this a juice cleanse, or will I be able to eat real food?Dollarphotoclub_76465464_copy

You will be enjoying:

  • delicious smoothies (easy to prepare and will boost your energy)
  • herbal drinks (will ease digestion)
  • whole fresh foods - the real deal (these foods will combat inflammation and give you the most nutrients)
  • easy snacks (to make sure you are never deprived)
  • optional animal protein if your body needs it (wild salmon, organic chicken, bone broth)
Will I starve?

No, no! You will be eating satisfying and delicious winter foods – including nourishing elixirs, seasonal soups, stews, vegetables that will support and help reduce inflammation in the body. Foods that are easy to digest.

Will there be special ingredients or supplements required for this Cleanse?

You will be able to buy your food at the grocery store and at the farmer's market. I will give some recommendations for certain herbs, supplements and super foods to enhance the detoxification process. They are not necessary to use but recommended. These include a super green powder, plant based probiotics, and some optional herbs to nourish your kidneys and adrenals.

Can I do this cleanse while I work all week?

Absolutely!  You might want to set aside a few hours on the weekend to prepare a few dishes - this will make it very easy to follow the protocol. Of course, if it is possible to slow life down a bit during this week - that would be ideal. Make less commitments, go to bed earlier, schedule some "me-time". Most importantly, ask for support from your spouse, friends, neighbors and children ..  One way to make it easier is to get a friend or neighbor to sign up with you. This way the two of you can trade off food preparation each day. This is also a great way to receive additional support.

How much preparation is required? 

There will be a little bit of difference in your food prep for this week. More cutting and chopping than usual. You can do most of the prepping on the weekend to prepare you for the week. You do not have to do a lot of cooking every day.

If you cook for your family there will be extra prepping and cooking. While many of the recipes can be enjoyed by everyone you may be making some extra meals just for yourself.

If you do the cleanse with your partner or a friend you can share the cooking. You can get together on Sunday to do the prep then take turns cooking so you are only cooking dinner every other day for the both of you. Having someone to do the cleanse with is very supportive and fun!

Will I experience any side effects? How will I feel?

How you’ll feel on this cleanse depends largely on what you’re eating now. If you consume sugar, processed foods and caffeine on a daily basis you may have a period of withdrawal that could include headache, irritability, fatigue and cravings. This is a good sign! Toxins are being released from your body. It will pass generally in a few days. Most people feel great, have better sleep, and more energy than they’ve had in years.

Will the Cleanse make me "run" to the bathroom?

Everyone has different bowel habits. Some people eliminate 2-3 times per day, while others eliminate less frequently. The cleanse is very gentle and not designed to make you run constantly to and from the restroom. You will be able to maintain a fairly normal schedule.

Do I need to have a special blender? I do not own a VitaMix or a juicer.

No, you do not need a VitaMix. Any regular blender will do. You will not need a juicer, either.

How will I know what to do?

You will get a step by step, day by day plan. There are many recipes to choose from so you can decide what you like. If you want an exact menu that is there for you too.

How will I get the support? 

We will have a special Facebook page opened for the group where we can share our journey and receive support from me and other cleansers.

The dates of the Cleanse do not work for my schedule but I still want to join, what can I do?

Sign up anyway. You can do this cleanse at your leisure. You will still be receiving the daily emails and can follow the discussion via the Facebook group.

When will I receive the materials? I am very busy and need to plan ahead.

I will send you all the material (protocol, sample menus, recipes) a few days before the cleanse starts to give you time to read through and do your food shopping and preparations.

Will I lose weight?

People often lose weight following a protocol like this. Although everyone is different and nothing can be guaranteed. Sometimes there are more complex issues that may need some personalized attention. However, you will look better, have more energy and as you go through the program your skin will be clearer. Isn’t that worth something too? Remember, excess weight is waste. Once you get rid of some of the waste the weight will start to go with it.

I love coffee (or alcohol, chocolate, sweets, carbs ...etc.) I am afraid I will not be able to stick to the plan.

I will give you suggestions on what you can drink instead of coffee and how to gently reduce your coffee (sugar, alcohol) intake prior to the cleanse.

What about exercise? I am training for a marathon. Can I do this Winter Cleanse?

It depends on your training schedule and the date of your event. You can do the cleanse and you might be in better shape to perform. Most of you though might FEEL like doing something more restorative and gentle like yoga or tai chi.

I am not sure if I can do this cleanse. I have never cleansed before.

Yes, you can. Almost everyone can do a gentle cleanse like this. I have created this cleanse in a way that is doable for anyone and I will be there supporting you every step of the way.

Can my spouse, partner, child join this cleanse?

Absolutely! That would be even better.

Are there additional costs?

No. You will receive the handbook and recipes as part of the cost for the program. Of course you will need to buy your food and any optional supplements.

Who are you? 

I am Csilla Bischoff, certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and founder of I advocate food as medicine, providing the body with what it needs nutritionally in order to achieve optimal health. My goal in my private practice as well as in these cleanses is to help people transition to a more nourishing diet with the least amount of effort and the biggest results. I want to help you discover you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy and it does not need to be difficult. Each one of my seasonal food-based cleanse provides you with the opportunity to move deep into the body’s major organs of detoxification and give them a week of love and attention. I love creating these week-long protocols which create an experience that has profound results for many people season after season. Email or call me if you have further questions:, (732) 356-5051. Come join me for the Nourish: 7-Day Winter Reset! Enroll HERE. You will be so glad you did! Csilla
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