Shining Health Success Stories

"I lost 75 pounds in one year and regained my health back completely through Csilla’s exceptional care and expertise."

"Looking for a customized solution to increase your vitality and regain your health when traditional nutritional practices have failed you? Csilla Bischoff’s health and nutritional coaching will get you back on track in the following ways:
  • You will track your food intake to stop eating foods and processed junk that make you feel sick and blow up like the blimp.
  • You will shop for and cook with more wholesome and healthy food so that you stop grabbing for Twinkies and donuts that can make you feel worse.
  • She will provide you expert guidance, information and inspiration + recipes so that you learn how to eat more consciously, a diet that is rich in healing organic fruits and vegetables in season.

Let me tell you about the miraculous recovery I had in working with Csilla for six months:
  • I suffered from exhaustion and stress from feeling overweight. When I walked for a block, my chest heaved like a clogged car engine and I couldn’t keep with my friends.
  • I was feeling irritated constantly since I couldn’t do the things I enjoyed. My head throbbed like loud obnoxious rap music from excruciatingly painful headaches due to uncontrollable neck pain.
  • I felt disillusioned from the information that a traditional hospital nutritionist gave me. I was getting no results from her focusing on counting calories and monitoring portion sizes. She didn’t discuss food sensitivities or allergies and only provided food options for my daily three meals. Her very regimented and impersonal approach provided a limited understanding of nutritional education with no recipes and alternative methodologies in food healing.
  • I was a slave to my chronic pain and my acupuncturist suggested that I contact Csilla who could provide some relief. In my first meeting with her, she made feel very much at ease and I stated that my only goal was to have greater energy and enhance my well being and that I didn’t care about losing weight.

During the initial intake, she probed with detail about the foods I ate habitually and the food eating habits my parents and my Polish culture exposed to me. Throughout our discussion she educated me with tips and recipes that included more health ingredients such as her amazing turkey chili to flavor and spice up the food I already enjoyed. After the end of the session, she asked me to track meticulously in a notebook how I felt after eating anything after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 2 hours later. She wanted me to understand clearly what foods were making me feel better or worse, less or more hungry, more clear minded or dizzy and were causing me to feel more satisfied or crave more food.

In doing this extensive detective work on my eating habits, I found the culprit of my distress! After eating grains, I felt hungrier. After 15 minutes from having bread or any wheat or grain products, my nose became severely stuffed up. I understood that my traditional Polish diet like heavy pierogis didn’t energize me and support my well being since my family baked with much flour and wheat. WOW!

Csilla also educated me on how to shop for fresh and clean food differently at farmers’ markets. Before I shopped mostly at grocery markets and Csilla gave me local markets’ addresses near me. They provided wider selection of high quality organic meats and vegetables than the chain stores. I also learned which toxic aisles and belly aching foods in the supermarket to avoid.
More importantly, Csilla did an outstanding job in supporting my recovery. She shared her large knowledge base with 1) her delicious healthy mouth watering recipes in her newsletter and on her Facebook page ( and 2) cooking classes which showed me how to enjoy eating much more and to eat much less. For example, her smoothie class taught me how to make a delicious seasonal fruit drink instead of instantly grabbing for something sweet made from processed sugar. I also now eat more raw foods in the summer and drink more soups in the winter time.

After tracking my food intake, eliminating wheat and grain products, eating fresh and organic produce and meat, and using Csilla’s great recipes and helpful health tips, I lost 50lbs in six months and 75lbs in one year and all my headaches and pain vanished!!!! Amazing, yes? I am not one of these people you will find sweating it out at the gym for five hours a day. All I did was making simple changes in my diet to feel better and now I have the energy and enthusiasm for life to do the things I love.
Thank you Csilla for helping unravel a mystery and finding a cause to my problem that I never would have imagined!"

Joanna M, Piscataway, NJ

"I am not sure how this happened, it seems to have snuck upon me, but I am now cooking!! Not every day, but at least 3 days a week. That is HUGE for me as I NEVER cooked!!"

"I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I "know" what I am supposed to do - I just haven't. My first session with Csilla I told her "I don't like vegetables and I don't cook." Csilla took this in stride; most importantly she did not lecture me - she just listened. In our time together we talked, she shared recipes with me, we discussed what the previous week or two was like, we troubleshooted, and we even did some hands on cooking in her kitchen. Unfortunately, my time with her had to come to an end early as I fell & broke my ankle. It has not been until much later that I am able to look back and see the shifts and changes that have taken place.

First, I know plan my meals in advance. This has been a HUGE benefit as it has not only been healthier but it has saved us money since there are now much fewer stops to Boston Market for dinner. Second, I was blessed with being given a VitaMix for my birthday. Csilla shared with me some of recipes and what to do to help me get my veggies in... I now drink them!!

Most shockingly is the third, I am not sure how this happened, it seems to have snuck up on me, but I am now cooking!! Not everyday, but at least 3 days a week. That is HUGE for me as I NEVER cooked!! The other day I made chicken, Coconut Brown Rice with Feta & Olives (a recipe Csilla gave me) and sauted string beans - three things at once!! All this while my two year old son was under foot and my 4 year old daughter was coloring!!! If I can do it - anyone can do it!!

I am SO very grateful to Csilla for what she does. I know you will be too!"

Jodee Chizever, Shamanic Healer

It's amazing to see how food choices can affect one's health, sleep, and mood! Best of all, the changes are really not difficult!

I discovered Csilla at the Farmer's Market in Somerville. I then subscribed to her email newsletter and got hooked.

I had been skeptical in the past about "clean eating" and organic foods. I really didn't think they would make any difference in anyone's day to day life. I also thought it was going to be difficult and expensive. I decided to give it a chance after reading the newsletter and realizing that not only would this help me with my weight loss goals, but this would also benefit my family. I have a daughter who has hypothyroidism (a sluggish thyroid) and although she was taking the prescribed medication, but we were not seeing any real differences. I decided that we needed to look outside of the medication alone. I was also not much of a cook and the thought of preparing new foods was a bit scary.

We noticed results pretty quickly. Meals are not at all difficult to prepare! I am actually shocked by this. And, even though some organic foods may cost a bit more, I no longer spend money on all that processed food, so overall my grocery bill has not changed! I am on my way to losing the weight I was hoping to lose and feeling much better.

My daughter's thyroid levels have stabilized and she has reaped additional benefits from weight loss to clearer skin. As a family, we eat together at home much more often and have discovered many new foods that we enjoy.

I was a bit surprised by the results and how quickly we saw a difference.
Just a few weeks into our changes, I noticed positive changes in myself and my daughter. It's amazing to see how food choices can affect one's health, sleep, and mood! Best of all, the changes are really not difficult!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better and know that they are giving their families the building blocks to good health and nutrition.

- Diane S. Hillsborough, NJ


"After several weeks of eating "clean and healthy" and exercising regularly, by the end I had watched 10 pounds of weight melt away."

I am so glad I met with Csilla from February to June this year. I am feeling better on every level than I have in years! After several weeks of eating "clean and healthy" and exercising regularly, by the end I had watched 10 pounds of weight melt away. My refrigerator and shelves are up-to-date and stocked with natural, healthy foods so it's easy to make good choices for every snack and every meal. I thought I knew a lot about my body and food, but with Csilla's guidance, I became much more educated and exposed to a wider range of great things to prepare and eat. 

Having someone so kind and non-judgmental to check in with bi-weekly kept me on track -- not only with food and exercise, but I became more aware of my sleeping patterns, moods, and energy levels. Making changes in personal areas of my life became the next obvious thing to do. These past few weeks I have been FILLED with energy, as I prepared for a very successful one-person art show. I am grateful for the part that dear Csilla played in getting me to this point, and now I couldn't live any other way!"

Gail Mardfin, Artist and Graphic Designer, Bernardsville , NJ


"My energy is up, my mood is better, my period is improving, my joints feel better and my digestive upsets are gone. I think the best part is I'm always eating and never feel hungry or "deprived"."

So I just wanted to to take a minute to thank you for your help on my "clean eating" journey. I've lost track of how many times people have told me how great I look in the past few months. My scale broke a few months ago, but at last check I was down about 35lbs.) I haven't bothered to buy a new one yet because I FEEL great and don't really care what the scale says. LOL. My energy is up, my mood is better, my period is improving, my joints feel better and my digestive upsets are gone (until I cheat too often! lol) I think the best part is I'm always eating and never feel hungry or "deprived". I've been making lots of little changes, slowly, so I sometimes lose track of how far I've come overall. This was the first Thanksgiving where I couldn't decide which veggie sides to make and had a hard time cutting down the list. (Usually I'm all about the dessert! lol) Cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar are big steps and I still fall down frequently (lol) but I keep getting back up and moving forward. So, Thank you!! 

Tammy H. - Hillsborough, NJ


"The biggest change I have experienced since I started to work with Csilla is that I have gotten over all the chronic aches and pains I have had for years." 

In the past I always found it difficult to improve my physique through work and exercise. Now I find I have a lot more endurance and strength and my definition has reached new highs. I used to have such shoulder pain I couldn't work out to build strength in my shoulders. It hurt to lift my arms and weight lifting would aggravate the condition in my tendons. I think about all those years I that I was less than I could have been. I intend to continue developing my holistic ways. It is a gradual thing but truly rewarding every step of the way.

I have made a hobby out of preparing my own meals and refining recipes of the things I like so that they are healthy and I can eat as much as I want! More and more often I am being judged to be 10 years younger than I am. I feel 10 years younger, too! And the fact of the matter is, it takes far less effort to change to a holistic lifestyle one would think. When you do it, you start loosing weight automatically with no cravings or hunger, pain goes away and you are happier. So many people suffer from ailments and obesity that don't need to. You are doing wonderful things, Csilla. Thank you." 

Bob Frieber, Tewksbury, NJ


"I created a solid repertoire of new recipes that were easy, tasty and kid friendly. I got my kitchen organized and stocked to make cooking meals easier. I realized how to cook once and eat many times so that I'm not stuck wondering what to feed my family at the end of the day."

I learned about Csilla's program from one of my own clients. As soon as I looked at her website, I realized that her approach and flexible programs were just the right fit for me.

I am excited to say that I have met my goals in working with Csilla. I created a solid repertoire of new recipes that were easy, tasty and kid friendly. I got my kitchen organized and stocked to make cooking meals easier. I realized how to cook once and eat many times so that I'm not stuck wondering what to feed my family at the end of the day! I learned what foods my body needs to eat so I would not be hungry all day and also have energy.

I recommend working with Csilla for anyone who is ready to make a commitment to improve their own health and energy and approach to eating. Modern society has disturbed the way people think about food. Csilla will show you a different way. 

K. A., Physician - Middlesex County, NJ


"How can I begin to thank you? As a health coach, you were able to show me how to help myself. When I met you in January of 2010, I had been sick with IBS for one year. I had seen a nutritionist earlier in 2009, whom I believe made me sicker. Her theory was to sell me supplements, rather than truly looking at what was actually making me so sick every morning.

You and I have been working together for months now, and I feel so strong emotionally as well as physically. You were able to offer me different dietary options, until we found the right one for me, and now I am feeling whole and healthy.
I loved the way I could come to your home, and we would cook together; who does that? I have learned about foods that I only wondered about while passing them at the local grocery store. I now cook with Daikon's a least once every other week.
I am now only two pounds away from my goal weight. I know for sure that I won’t be back up the scale where I was only 5 months ago. The reason being that you have taught me what and why my body was retaining the weight which was making me so miserable and unhealthy. Thank you dear Csilla for your kindness and belief in me."

Lisa, Bridgewater, NJ


"My association with Csilla began when I took one of her cooking classes. She was very well organized and dropped many bits of information about good eating as she went through the food preparation. Subsequent to the class, I took advantage of her offer of a complimentary evaluation of my eating habits and general well being. That, in turn, led me to enroll in her 6 month program, which I recently completed.
Working with Csilla is a pleasure. While she has a great deal of information to impart, she is basically a listener who makes suggestions. She focuses on goals which are established jointly a the beginning of the program. She doesn’t lecture - she leads one in a direction that will be helpful and possible for the individual involved. In the course of the six months, I achieved nearly all of my goals. I learned about food which is healthy, established healthy eating habits, lost weight, and got more energy while eating less. Csilla’s recipes and cooking demonstrations introduced me to many foods of which I had not been aware, and how to prepare them. Thus, I can continue to eat healthy and I have a knowledge base on which to build and experiment with good foods. Csilla’s course has been a very rewarding experience for me."
Pete R. Skillman, NJ
"I initially took a cooking class with Csilla. I was intrigued by her enthusiasm and passion for living a healthy life style and could see clearly that she "practiced what she preached". It just felt like it was the right time in my life to sign up for the 6 month program.
I really loved working with Csilla and always looked forward to our sessions. She is such a genuine, caring, and very knowledgeable person. I truly valued her advice - it was always very helpful, as well as practical. She shared generously from her heart and was very supportive in helping me figure out and carry out my goals. She helped me look at my needs, not only for my body, but also for my heart and soul.

I feel like my life is much more balanced. I have expanded my repertoire of eating and cooking healthy and delicious foods, I am doing yoga and mediating more often, I am "getting out there", trying new things, socializing more, and I am better able to manage my time. 

Working with Csilla has given me more peace, adventure, and happiness in my life. I am healthier in body, mind, and spirit. She has definitely enhanced my life and I feel blessed to have found her!"

Suzy F. Branchburg, NJ

"I recently completed the 6 month program with the lovely Csilla. My concerns were to eat healthier and gain more balanced energy while helping to lower my cholesterol. I wanted to learn more about new and different foods that I knew could help my situation. Csilla carefully helped me prepare delicious dishes containing grains, proteins, vegetables, and body friendly sweets into my new diet. I felt like it took me a while to absorb all of this new information but after a year I feel so much better. My cholesterol went down and I have a better understanding of how to feed myself as well as my family. Csilla is a very warm and giving person. She has so much knowledge and carfully targets your needs for maximum success."

Amy A. Hillsborough, NJ

"Thank you so much for your 8 week food course. I learned so many valuable facts about different foods and their function in our diets.I was especially grateful to learn about different grains. I now incorporate them into my daily food choices. I used to be “afraid” of grains and would look at them in health food stores not quite sure of how to utilize them. My confusion about this wonderful food kept me from experimenting with grains. And it cut me off from reaping the healthy benefits to a variety of grains in my diet. I now use your recipes for grains and am happy to have them as part of my variety in food combining.

I was also very impressed with the life style tips you shared with the group. You gave us such wonderful health tips in all areas of living. Tips from exercise to yoga to daily attitude to blood circulation to singing or humming a happy tune every day as an uplifting exercise. This made for a very well rounded course.

I am so grateful to have met you and so thrilled to have all this new information. I know my life and the lives of my family members will be improved now that I have the tools to keep food interesting and at the same time to keep it healthy and delicious.
I just can’t say enough good things about this course and about your level of commitment to bringing life enhancing information to others. Also, the tour of Whole Foods Grocery Store was outstanding! Thank you again,"

Lynne G., Bound Brook, NJ

"Dear Csilla, I recently completed your 8-week, Jump Start Your Health program. I signed up, because I wanted to know more about the kind of foods that were considered healthy, where to get them and instructions on how to prepare them. What I got out of the class was that and more. The most important thing for me, was learning about my body type and trying different foods or combination of foods that make me feel energized and in a state of good health. Our trip to the health food store was also very enlightening; I got to find all the different greens and grains we talked about in class and was able to make and enjoy several of the many recipes you gave us. My knowledgeable about foods has definitely increased along with my confidence in personalizing my own diet. I enjoyed the class and look forward to our follow-up conversations. Sincere Wishes,"

Margaret Maniscalki, Bridgewater, NJ

"Since I worked with Csilla in the 6 month program my skin looks better. My outlook on life is better. After having been on disability for five years, I feel more like my old self since and I am focused on being productive and helping others. Friends and family say I look and sound vibrant again. I am cooking more than I did in the past. My food choices have improved and I have added foods that I knew nothing about. Csilla is wonderful! She is caring, knowledgeable, sincere and very supportive."

Diane Scheinman, MA

"Csilla’s program has inspired me to change not only what and how I feed my body, but also how I feed my soul. As a health and nutritional counselor, Csilla addresses the whole person and gives wonderful suggestions and insight to help facilitate positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle. Before this program I was not aware how much food and nutrition was connected to my whole well being.

The invaluable information and changes I’ve made, I will carry for the rest of my life and will pass the knowledge and inspire others."
Sara Nelson, Bound Brook, NJ
"I had a wonderful and mind-expanding experience with Csilla as my holistic heal th counselor. I had struggled with health issues for over 13 years and was finally ready to say "yes" to a holistic approach to improve my health. I always loved all kinds of food but lacked the experience with cooking for myself and didnt have a clear plan of how to incorporate healthy eating into my life. Through my sessions with Csilla I was able to learn a new way to think about food, to both enjoy and appreciate it, but my learning went well beyond cooking and conversations about my progress and goals.

All of my goals were met through the time we spend together. I even learned how to make sushi! In addition to that, I developed ways to even advocate for healthier choices in my favorite local sushi restaurant, while keeping homemade Wasabi and un-dyed pickled ginger to go with my brown-rice delight.

I felt a strong sense of respect for my being from Csilla. Her compassion and desire to help me learn to think, feel, sense and enjoy my food has brought me to a place where I feel free to experiment and be guided along a path towards healthy and balanced living. Her suggestions for preparing meals and ways to learn my own unique needs made me feel appreciated and nurtured.

Food is love, and I have fallen more in love with food as our relationship continues to develop from the beautiful philosophies and teachings from Csilla"

Julie Ost,Washington DC

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