Are you ready to powerfully take charge of your health with other
health conscious, supportive women with the
encouragement and guidance of a health coach?

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Get your SHINE back!

Find out how the Shining Health Inner Circle can help you reach your health goals in a fun, supportive (and effective) way …

  • Are you aging faster than you should? Lost your mojo, feel sluggish and lacking energy most of the time?
  • Do you have cravings that expand and become all consuming and sabotaging your weight loss plan?
  • Are you tired of the no-pain-no-gain mentality that say you won’t ever look and feel as great as you want to without a huge amount of effort and sacrifice?
  • Do you want to make healthy meals for yourself and your family but it seems you are always lacking the time or inspiration to make a nutritious meal?
  • Are you tired of the ever changing information you hear regarding what  is “good” for your and what isn’t and would like to figure out once and for all what works best for YOUR body? 
  • Ready to jump start your natural weight loss journey? Rev up your metabolism and find the weight that is most natural for your body?

"I learned what foods my body needs to eat so I would not be hungry all day and also have energy."
I  created a solid repertoire of new recipes that were easy, tasty and kid friendly. I got my kitchen organized and stocked to make cooking meals easier. I realized how to cook once and eat many times so that I’m not stuck wondering what to feed my family at the end of the day! I learned what foods my body needs to eat so I would not be hungry all day and also have energy." 
~ K. A., Physician – Middlesex County, NJ

The Shining Health Inner Circle is designed to help you take control of your health by giving you the tools you need to overcome mood swings, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, improve energy, have glowing, clear skin, and a lean 
body. Most importantly, so you feel motivated, confident and feel great every day.
This program is designed to give you coaching and expertise from me, and contact with other like-minded people going through the exact same every-day successes and challenges. 

Create momentum, receive accountability and successfully reach your goals! 
I invite you to join the Shining Health Inner Circle.
As part of the INNER CIRCLE, you’ll:

√ Discover nutritional myths that we have all been raised on – SHATTERED 
√ Figure out once and for all what foods work for YOUR body (no more dieting, calorie counting or deprivation)
√ Create a doable plan for food preparation and assembly, and help you climb out of the food rut
√ How to to make quick and easy healthy “fast food” for people on the go
√ Prepare meals that delight your taste buds and at the same time will give you energy so you can have more stamina and stop living for the weekends and vacations and do the things you always wanted
√ Find out how to rev up your metabolism and release weight naturally (without calorie counting or deprivation!)
 Deconstruct your cravings and learn how to make special treats that will rock your world but not your blood sugar
Build better bones to live stronger and longer
Find out if food sensitivities are the underlying cause of your weight gain, mood swings, low immunity, autoimmune disorder, etc.
√ Discover how to eat for healthy, radiant skin and the connection between your liver and your skin
√ Get connected to your tribe of ignited, health conscious women holding each other accountable to living a vital life, and receive deep, continuous support of a health coach!

REgister now
Please bill my credit card for my membership for $47 and for $47 for subsequent months.
I understand that I may cancel at any time by contacting Shining Health Inner Circle member services.


Monthly group coaching call and Q&A with Csilla - get your questions answered and receive   personal coaching
Class recordings so you never miss a topic and can listen at your own pace 
Seasonal Cleanses - participation in Csilla's seasonal cleanses (as long as you are in the group for  min. 2 months each season)
Frequent group posts to keep you on tract 
Regular recipes and assigments to support our monthly theme and let you break free from old habits and keep you motivated
Weekly videos to keep you on track and inspired 
Access to a private online forum to connect with other movin’ and rockin’ women, get support  on your challenging days – and celebrate your brilliant days! 

√ Being surrounded by like minded people who are on the same journey as you are
√ Figuring out the foods that work for your unique body
√ Knowing that you do not need to go on another diet because you have found what foods make YOUR     body hum
√ Waking up each morning feeling vibrant, joyous and alive
√ Having access to the loving support you have been missing all this time 

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This is for you if:
√ You have done a cleanse and/or other programs with Csilla but feel that you need more support to move forward
√ Need some guidance on your next best steps and a plan.
√ Want to be in touch so you can ask questions as you move forward.
√ Need a non-judgmental and safe place to confide and share.
√ Need advice to stay on track with your progress.
√ Need to stay accountable.
√ Love being connected to our community, it helps you to remain inspired and motivated.
√ Want to learn new things that can impact your health.


What if I cannot make the monthly phone calls?
You do not need to be on the calls. Submit your questions ahead of time and you can listen to the recording at your convenience. All calls will be archived. 

Do I have to commit to a certain amount of months? How does this really work? 
The Shining Health Inner Circle program is a month-by-month membership. You do not have to commit to a no long-term contract. Stay as long as you like. You can stay as long as you want. If you want to cancel, please let us know before your payment goes through.

What if I am on a special diet or I am vegan? Will the recipes work for me?
Yes. My recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free. You can customize them to your specific needs. 

                                                               Yes, Csilla! I am would like to be part of this community.

                                                                                                      REgister now

Please bill my credit card for my membership for $47 and for $47 for subsequent months. I understand that I may cancel at any time by contacting Shining Health Inner Circle member care specialist. 

In health, 

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