Health Coaching

Private Coaching is Right For You If: 

* Your cravings for carbs and sugar are intense and you always sabotage your healthy eating efforts whenever you get stressed or a holiday rolls around.

* You are tired of struggling with fatigue, mood swings, foggy thinking, bloating and digestive problems.

* You are ready to let go of that stubborn belly fat you have been carrying around.

* You’ve tried different diets and protocols but nothing seems to stick.

* You’ve seen many health care practitioners with little-to-no results or resolutions to your health symptoms.

* You realize that when you eat sugar and processed carbs like there is no tomorrow you are at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease      and certain cancers and you know you need to change your lifestyle so you don’t become a statistic.

* Despite your past struggles, you are not giving up and ready to break free from the control sugar has over your life.

* You are ready to take charge and find the food and lifestyle choices that will help you break out of sugar prison

* Tired of one-size-fits-all approaches to dieting?

Ready to get started?

As your health coach, I provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. I will listen carefully and help you to navigate and determine what changes are necessary for you.

Your personalized Private Coaching Program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together we’ll work to reach your health goals in areas such as reducing food cravings, improving digestion, increasing sleep, and maximizing energy. As we work together, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and  you’ll discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

How do I get started?

Please, look at my programs below. If you are not sure where to start, schedule a phone chat with me to determine if nutrition counseling is right for you.

Schedule your session with me here.

This is a 30 minute phone call to determine if my services are a good fit for you and your nutritional needs. I'll ask you to share your health story and tell me what your goals are so that I can determine if nutrition counseling is the right solution for you, and I'll answer any questions you have about my services and the packages I offer. I want to make sure we are a good fit for each other. 

NOTE: I will NOT be providing nutrition recommendations on this call. This consult is to help you decide if working with me is something you'd like to do, and to ask me any questions you have about the service itself.
90 Day Transformation

This package includes six 60-minute sessions and unlimited email support. 

In this series of sessions we will address your core areas of focus, issues that affect your health as they arise, and help you to fine-tune your nutrition strategy for the long term. You'll learn how to source the best food, detox your liver, read product labels, buy the right fish and meat, pick the right oils, and much much more. You'll Learn to adapt a lifestyle that will support stable blood sugar levels and hormonal health so you heal from weight loss resistance, depression and anxiety and regain the energy that you deserve.

I recommend we meet two times per month to give you a chance to work on your newly acquired nutrition skills over the course of a few months. 
Sessions are conducted via telephone from anywhere in the world (or we can meet up in person if you’re in the Central New Jersey area).

What you'll receive:
* Six one-on-one 60 minute sessions
* Personalized recommendations, recipes, handouts
* Email support in-betweens sessions
* Participation in my seasonal cleanses while in the program ($148 value) to help you jumpstart your clean eating habits and to identify food sensitivities
* Grocery store tour (if local)
6 Month Fast Track Program

This package includes twelve 60-minute sessions and unlimited email support. 

We meet twice a month for a full hour each time to plan and strategize, discuss specific steps for implementation and to troubleshoot problems.
This schedule allows you to go deep and make progress, while maintaining clear forward momentum.

We will address your core areas of focus, issues that affect your health as they arise, and help you to fine-tune your nutrition strategy for the long term. 
This package is geared toward the motivated client who desires the most consistent support and guidance. During our time together, you will immerse yourself in a unique blend of food strategy, nutrition education, supportive coaching, and mindful goal setting to make long-term changes.  This is my most popular package (and the best value)
and also the most comprehensive.

You'll receive:
* Twelve one-on-one 60 minute sessions over a 6 month period, by phone or Skype. Each call is a blend of nutrition, spiritual and the practical, and you’ll leave each session with specific next steps to work on.
* Unlimited email support.
* Personalized recommendations, recipes, handouts and additional materials
* Participation in two of my seasonal cleanses during our work together (Value $134 each) to help you jumpstart your clean eating habits and to identify food sensitivities

In six months you’ll find you’ve made significant movement toward your goals, both inside yourself and how you’re being,  eating and as well as the actual implementation and action.

The six month commitment is not a commitment you are making to me, it’s a commitment you make to yourself. Creating new habits and changing the way you eat and live is not a 30 day project. It takes commitment and consistency in addition to knowledge and inspiration.

Schedule a 30 minute conversation with me and let's find out if we are a good fit. Click here to schedule it.

Food changes everything. 

As your daily diet changes, your body changes and your happiness improves. Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and excitement every day!

Like most of us, you have probably tried a variety of diets, and may even have managed to do well on some for a few weeks or even months. However, the emphasis such diets place on will power, deprivation and denial is both unnecessary and counter-productive. The reality is that unless you have a plan that is practical, works with you lifestyle and takes your individuality into account, it will not last. I can help you create such a plan.

Hiring a Health Coach is a radical investment in your Self. Building the life of your dreams, well let’s be honest, even sorting out what that means, is no small feat. It’s my job to be your partner in stumbling along your journey with you, shining light on the places that want to be illuminated, helping you lift yourself higher, holding you when you need it the most 

 “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Are you ready? Let's do this! 

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