Revitalize: A 7-Day Fall Cleanse
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November 26th through December2nd 2018

We all tend to indulge a little too much over the summer and that is OK. 
But this can lead to feeling bloated, heavy and sluggish.

Does this sound like you??
* You are done feeling fat, blah and frustrated 
* You've tried every diet on this planet but they have not given you the results you were hoping to get
* Your cravings are through the roof and you cannot seem to be able to get off the sugar roller coaster
* Your body has been aching for months and you know deep inside a new set of pills is not the answer
* Summer is over and you are in dire need of jump-starting your healthy eating habits

Here is your solution!

fall cleanse ebook

      7 Days of Delicious, Clean Meals to Help You Get Leaner, More Focused and Balanced!

Get ready to: 
  • have more energy and more mental clarity
  • improve your digestion (get rid of the belly bloat)
  • reduce inflammation in your body
  • develop strong immunity
  • decrease your cravings
  • detect a waistline
  • have glowing skin
  • achieve even moods
  • see a reduction in headaches, PMS or hormonal fluctuations
  • reduce constipation and balance hormones to prevent diseases of the breast, lungs and colon    
  • prevent seasonal allergies, sinus infections                                                             
  • reduce joint aches or stiffness                                                      
  • discover food sensitivities
  • ignite your libido and feel light and refreshed in your body
Here is your chance to RE-BOOT your body and give yourself a FRESH START!    

Indulge Yourself in a Week of Easy, Nourishing Foods for Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

We'll be feasting on delicious, seasonal food. Fall soups, warming stews, vegetables, healing teas
and mineralizing broths will be on the menu amongst others. 

This is a very gentle, food based cleanse. There are NO additional expensive products, protein powders or living on juice involved.


*Kick Off Call (recorded) 
*Daily Emails to keep you on track
*Cleanse Protocol with daily menu suggestions
*Cleanse Recipes 
*Cleanse Boosters 
* Private FB group for contniuous support 

Investment in your health: $148




*Kick Off Call
*Daily Emails
*Cleanse Protocol
*Cleanse Recipes
*Daily Menu Suggestions
*Two 60 one-on-one sessions with personalized recommendations
*1 Month Free Membership in Shining Health Inner Circle



Have you done a cleanse with me before?

If yes, your Repeat Cleanse Special is only

This REVITALIZE: 7-DAY FALL CLEANSE will assist you in creating a new blueprint for a healthy body and joyous being.

You will discover how to:

* Boost your metabolism
* Improve digestion
* Reduce unwanted belly bloat
* Sleep better
* Feel great in your skin naturally

Here is what you will get:

* A "Kick Off Call" to help you prepare
* Daily protocol with step-by-step instructions
* Recipe booklet with simple, delicious fall recipes 
* Cleanse boosters (non-food strategies to enhance your cleanse)
* Guidelines for creating a cleanse friendly environment before you begin
* Special exercises to help you clear what is not working in your life and to invite new energy in
* A daily e-letter from me for 7 days, straight into your inbox. Each letter will contain a little bit of cheerleading, food  highlights and a few extra surprises.
* Online support from me and a group of other motivated and like-minded individuals.                                 
So what is next?

You will receive your welcome letter and your Fall Cleanse material in your e-mailbox about a week before we begin.

Why should I cleanse in the Fall?

Rebooting in the fall is a great way to transition you from one season to another. A good fall cleanse is like tuning up your car for the winter. By taking the time to care for your body now, you can enjoy the seasonal changes knowing that your system has been revitalized and prepared for the times ahead.

Rejuvenate your body after indulging in too much alcohol and ice cream and make room for the refined nourishment of fall and winter's bounty. It is a great opportunity to slow down and give your body and organs a rest. The bounty of healing vegetables, fruits and grains of this season provide a great background for a whole foods based and gentle cleanse.

Fall is the season when we need to focus on our large intestines, lungs and skin (according to Chinese Medicine).When these organs get clogged up it can manifest as excess weight, sluggish metabolism, fatigue, illness, disease or moodiness. 

Taking the time to nurture and support these organs during the transition into the fall season is crucial for your      digestive health, immunity, and livelihood for the rest of the year. 
Increasing your physical health and energy and having renewed determination will help make great decisions for     yourself before embarking on Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

This cleanse is for you if:
* You want to hit the re-set button on your body
* You want to free yourself from sugar, caffeine and food cravings
* You want to eat in a way that nourishes and energizes your body according to the current season
* Ease some health issues you have been struggling with in a natural way
* Release some excess weight and feel lighter in your body
* You want to jump start your healthy eating habits and feel really good in your body
* Discover possible food sensitivities

This cleanse is not for you if:
* You are not willing to try a few new things
* You are pregnant or nursing
* You have an extensive traveling schedule
* Have a very weak, and frail condition

                                                    Get ready to get a grip on sugar, reset your body and your mind.

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Previous cleansers have reported:

"I lost a few pounds but the best part was becoming mindful."

"I enjoyed cooking and never felt hungry!"

"I allowed my body to speak to me, rather than me always speaking to my body."

"The best part was the reduction of my IBS symptoms that I suffer from most of the time and the fact that my skin was so soft."

"Some good news! I participated in your Summer Cleanse and wanted to let you know that, thanks to what I learned in that week and continuing to watch my diet, my total cholesterol dropped 26 points. I'm now under 200 (192). Even with taking 10 mg of Lipitor, I found it difficult to get under 200...and have had readings as high as 412 (2 1/2 years ago). So THANK YOU for leading me through your Summer Cleanse."

"I lost 8-10 lbs, feel lighter and look better. I have received many complements on my appearance since I finished. My sugar and chocolate cravings have all but disappeared. I have learned to enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables in my daily lunch salad.  Thanks!"

"I have done many cleanses, but this is my all-time favorite. It is gentle, fun and incorporates the whole body. The recipes are yummy and I have continued using many of them in my everyday eating. Csilla gives great guidance and the home spa treatments she suggests are divine. I always feel nourished, pampered and well taken care of. I love how my skin gets clearer, my eyes get brighter and my body feels lighter. Needless  to say, I will cleanse with Csilla over and over again."

"The discipline of the cleanse has helped me get back on track with my healthy eating habits and it jump-started my weight-loss again. An added benefit I did not expect is that my joints did not hurt. Clearly I am sensitive to something and I can play detective as I put things back into my diet and figure out what I should avoid."

"Results from the cleanse included jump starting my weight loss (I lost more than 5 lbs!), having more energy, feeling in control of my cravings, eating healthier and just making changes. Extra bonus: my husband was very supportive."

"I lost about 20 lbs in less than 3 months just by cutting out gluten and lowering my intake of sugar. It all started with Csilla's cleanse. I'd been trying to lose that weight for years, but it kept fluctuating. This time, it has come off and has stayed off for over six months. And, I've never felt better!"

Experience results like these!

Gas, bloating, heart burn, brain fog, low energy, skin breakouts, persistent belly fat are the result of sub-optimal diet and life style choices. If you let it go further, you are definitely setting the stage for more serious health challenges.

It's it time to take care of you!
Are you ready?  YES, CSILLA, I AM IN!

Claim your spot now here!

Are you a Repeat Cleanser? Enroll now here.

Grab a friend and cleanse together! Trade off shopping and food prep. 

Come shine with us!
Note that due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds. 

A little bit about me: 

I am Csilla Bischoff, certified Integrative Nutrition Coach & founder of CsillaI am passionate about helping people who struggle with cravings for sweets, blood sugar imbakances, insulin resistance, low energy and want to stay healthy as they go through life. I advocate food as medicine, providing the body with what it needs nutritionally in order to achieve optimal health. My goal in my private practice as well as in these cleanses is to help people transition to a more nourishing diet with the least amount of effort and the biggest results.

My desire is for you to discover that you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy and it does not need to be difficult. Each one of my seasonal food-based cleanse provides you with the opportunity to move deep into the body’s major organs of detoxification and give them a week of love and attention. I love creating these week-long protocols which create an experience that has profound results for many people season after season.

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions. Email me, or pick up the phone and give me a call at 732-356-5051.

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