The Nourishing Kitchen

Your Blueprint for Creating Easy, Delicious, Healthy and Fun Meals for Yourself and Your Family

An Afternoon Intensive

Saturday, March 11th 1:30- 4:00 PM

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* Do you get home after work, look in the fridge, and have no clue what to make for your family that night?
* Do you have food in your pantry but often have no idea how to put it together into a nutritious meal?
* Do you buy packaged foods because they're easy but wish you were feeding your kids better quality meals?
* Do you remember your mom making dinner on most nights and with your busy schedule you long to find a way to do that, too?

 It seems simple enough: REAL FOOD. Cook from scratch. Shop locally.

But how do you make it happen in your own kitchen?

Especially those of us who never learned how to cook - who were raised on boxed cereals and TV dinners. 

We all face the challenges of a modern life - balancing work and personal life - all the while trying to feed our families healthier meals.

Well, here is your chance to change that.


Join me and a small group of women for a fun hands-on workshop where you'll learn
how to cook REAL FOOD.

I am opening the doors of my home, my fridge, pantry and cabinets for you to get a peak
at all the things that I have on hand and what I cook with.
Everything from pots and pans to condiments.

Discover some practical tips and tools on how to prepare easy, healthy, yummy and cost-effective meals
every night of the week. Without much effort!

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Personal Success Story

Csilla's "Nourishing Kitchen" was beneficial to me in many ways! I learned about foods I hadn't even known about before, ways of handling foods in new ways, various new recipes, resources I'd only vaguely considered before, reminders of things I'd forgotten, and some reassurance that I am not the only one struggling to have food and menus running smoothly for the whole family! I often refer back to the handouts from that workshop and for the tips on everything from pantry stocking to kid-friendly meals!

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      In this workshop you'll discover how to:

  • Stock a healthy pantry, so you can have delicious meals any time of the week
  • Cook seasonally and with more variety (our bodies love the rotation of food)
  • How to choose the "Power Foods" and "Nutrient Dense Foods" over trendy foods that will drain your wallet and your health
  • Create simple, doable menus - using primarily unrefined ingredients
  • Enjoy real food - we'll prepare simple meals that satisfy
  • Save time - "Cook once - Eat twice" and other useful ideas
  • Save money - by mix-and-match skillet meals and using leftovers in clever ways
  • Prepare for meal planning success - by making simple changes within your kitchen work space
  • Spend less time in the kitchen preparing food - and doing more of what you love to do ...

* Imagine how great you will feel knowing you will not waste your food and your money, like you used to ...
* Imagine finally feeling confident in your abilities to be able to feed yourself and your family meals that are healthy, nutritious and easy to make ...
* Imagine how much easier it will be to make health supportive meals once you know the what and how ... plus you will get some hands-on experience. Not to mention you get to taste it, too!


Count me in, Csilla! 

If I can do it, you can, too.

I am excited to share with you how I went from someone who grew up with a very poor appetite
and a super limited repertoire of foods I would eat ....

From having no clue how to cook till I was in my late twenties.

And from a person who ran to the grocery store twice sometimes three times a week, to someone who now grocery shops once a week, always has healthy ingredients on-hand and has a repertoire of super easy and quick meals to make any time of the week.

I will show you:

* what my healthy staple foods are and where to buy them ...
* what is in my pantry, fridge and freezer ...
* what to ditch (some obvious and some not-so-obvious), and what essential items you always want to have on hand
* what kitchen tools and gadgets are great to own and which ones are a waste of money and space ...
* how to prep ahead of time (soaking, pre-washing, pre-cutting ...)
* which staples are best to be kept in your fridge or freezer and why (staples that most of us keep in our         cupboards or pantry) 
* which brand of canned goods are fine to have for last minute meals and why ...
* which bread is healthy and why ...
* which foods to buy organic and where you can get away with purchasing conventional ones ... 
the cooking oils that are safe and healthy (we have been brainwashed on this topic for long) & how to use them

* what to add to any meal to make it more nutritious ...
* what spices and seasonings are a must to have on hand so you can create meals that are exciting to your
   tastebuds and good for you ...

* and so much more ...

I need this!!!


The last time I offered this workshop, it had sold out in less than a week, so
if you want to grab a spot - make sure you do it now.
We have very limited seating.
The format will be lecture, conversation, and hands-on experience with an abundance of natural foods.
You will get to sample some dishes, too!
Plus receive dozens of handouts with my best tips, recipes + a menu planner!
South Bound Brook, NJ

Investment in your health: $198.00 

Food has the potential to transform your health, but you need to know where to begin.

So if you're ready to give up the junk and learn to cook real food - join me for this fun
hands-on class. You'll be glad you did.


Personal Success Story

Csilla's classes are fun and practical. With the resources from the "Nourishing Kitchen" workshop, I have the tools to make healthier choices for myself and my family. After taking Csilla's workshop, grocery shopping and meal planning courses it has become so much easier. I've even been saving money!


Dr. Michele Gardner

healthy kithcne

I guarantee that you will walk away inspired, excited and ready to upgrade you
and your family's eating habits and life.

Have questions?
Call me at 732-356-5051 or email

I would be happy to speak with you.

Don't take too long deciding, space is limited to 10 participants only and the class will fill quickly.

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