An 8 Week Program

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This program is for those who have:

Completed one my seasonal cleanses,  or other programs and would like support sim

Many of you said you miss the accountability, support and the emails that kept you on tract.

You probably noticed that when we finish a cleanse or any clean eating program, we are feeling great, we are inspired and motivated by all what we learnt during the program and the positive changes we are experiencing in our bodies.

As the weeks go by, life happens and some people (not many, honestly) are capable of making major mindset, diet and lifestyle changes all on their own.

Most people (including me) however require support and structure to make things stick. The old saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is really true! But it also takes a village to help a grown woman (or a man) to stay on track and master what they have started.

So here is what you expressed when I interviewed a few of you:
* I would like continuous support after the cleanse so I can keep the results I have achieved. It is hard to be on on my own. I     know I will be more successful with the ongoing support.
* I would like to have access to your expertise and to the amazing support I got in the Facebook group.
* I need to stay accountable and when I did the cleanse and posted what I ate daily- it was easier for me stay on track.
* I would like to get more of the delicious recipes you share with us when we do the cleanses. Particularly meals that have more animal protein in them and ones that the whole family would enjoy.
* I always wanted to work with you one-on-one but so far I was not able to do it financially. If you would offer a group program I know I would be able to learn more from you and improve my health dramatically at a price I can afford now.

Here is the good news!

I heard you and I am ready to offer all of this to you.

To help you sail through the next few months without gaining any weight and feeling your best, I am offering an online, live coaching program called Shine Through the Holiday Season.

The holiday season is fast approaching and we will be bombarded with temptations, difficult situations, stressful moments and many-many delicious treats.

This 8 week live support program is exactly what will help you stay focused and on your path with lots of support around how to navigate the waters at this time of the year.

8 Week Program 



What is included?

  • 2 Live Group Calls. We will be covering one specific topic each month that will include easy to implement strategies that are simple, yet effective in helping you cope with the time of the year we are entering (Value $360)
  • Weekly Emails with Recipes
    These emails will contain the perfect amount of guidance you need to keep you on track + delicious, easy to prepare meals and treats. (Value $200)
  • Members-only Online Forum via FB
    On the online forum, you will be able to connect with other like minded participants. You will be able to ask for support, get inspired and stay motivated by being in touch. Csilla will moderate this forum so you can ask her questions anytime you need to. (Value $200)
  • Recordings of Each Live Calls
    If you cannot make a live call, no worries. They will be recorded and you will have access to them at your convenience. (Value $50)

How does this work?

It's pretty simple. We connect on the phone once per month. During each call, there will be:

1. A spotlight topic
2. Q&A session
3. Coaching session

All calls will be recorded and archived for you to catch up if you missed them.

So who is this for?

This is for you if:

  • You would like to stay connected to our community and remain inspired and motivated
  • You want to be in touch with me and ask questions
  • You know that this time of the year is tricky and you want to stay accountable and on course
  • You need inspiration to stay on track on this health journey
  • You need a safe place to share and confide
  • You want to learn new things and move forward feel stuck as in what to do next

What is the investment?

I did the math and all the calls, materials, support and coaching you get is over $800. But I am not going to charge that. I want you to be able to commit to this with ease.

You have 2 options to choose from:

Option A is participating in the Live Group Program.

Option B is participating in the Live Group Program + receiving Private Guidance from me.


Shine Through the Holiday Season Group Program

What is included in this package?

  • 2 Live Group Coaching Calls with Csilla (one each month)
  • Weekly Emails with Recipes (including many options for healthy holiday meals)
  • Members-only Online Forum
  • Recordings of the Live Calls

Investment in your health:


Register For Option A


The first 10 people who apply will receive
FREE participation in my WINTER CLEANSE in 2017 (Value $88)

2 Pay Option

Please, click on this link to send me your first payment,
then you will be billed again 30 days from date of purchase for the rest of the amount. 


Shine Through the Holiday Season Group Program + PRIVATE GUIDANCE
This is a great option if you would like to receive customized one-on-one coaching on top pf the group coaching at a fraction of the investment you would pay if you were a private client.
What is included in this package?
  • 2 Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls with Csilla
  • Weekly Emails with Recipes
  • Members-only Online Forum
  • Recordings of Live Calls
  • 6 30-minute customized coaching calls with Csilla
  • Specific resources and recommendations that support you uniquely
Investment in your health:


Register For Option B


2 Pay Option
Please, click on this link to send me your first payment,
then you will be billed again 30 days from date of purchase for the same amount.

Please, don't let this opportunity pass you by and leave you in your familiar routines that
aren't getting you the results you want.
If you have any questions, please email or call my office at (732) 356 5051.

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