Secrets of Beautiful Skin
Event date: July 18, 2017 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
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Contact Name: Csilla
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Contact Phone: (732) 356-5051

Secrets of Beautiful Skin 1

Join us and find out how you, too can have gorgeous, glowing skin - from the inside out. Yes, skin health does not get created from the outside in.
Expensive, brand name products will not remedy what is really affecting us from the inside.

You will discover:
* the top foods that can help you create glowing, healthy complexion
* foods that can ruin your skin in the long term and age you faster that anything else
* why minerals are important and what foods will give you the highest amount of minerals + foods that will help your skin age slower, and glow radiantly
- how to support your liver and your digestive system (they afffect skin health)
- which lifestyle choices will improve your skin the most
- and how to use essential oils to enhance the health of our complexion + benefits of using essential oil infused skin care

Come and find out how to deeply nourish your skin with the right foods that will not only enhance your natural beauty, but will help minimize wrinkles, acne and inflammation, strengthen hair and nails, and keep your body systems running smoothly.

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112 Louis Ave